“Hollybrook is an amazing school, we love the hard work” Year 5 pupil


Admissions 2017–2018

The Governing Body are not making any changes to their admission arrangements for 2017/2018.

Year 6–7

Our links with Secondary schools are established early, often in the Spring Term. Year 6 teachers communicate in detail with all secondary schools to provide as much information as possible about our children ahead of their transition to secondary school. This includes attainment levels for reading, writing, maths and science as well as information about their learning styles and hobbies etc. Tutors, ELSAs and other secondary staff often visit pupils at Hollybrook ahead of any transition days or early visits.

For the past few years, Year 6 pupils have also completed transition booklets to showcase their learning in reading, writing and maths. These are sent to the English and Maths tutors at the pupils' secondary schools.

There are often many open or taster days/evenings for these secondary schools which we encourage pupils to attend or participate after the SATs tests in May.

"Hollybrook is a wonderful place because everyone looks after each other." Year 6 pupil