Thursday 22nd October 2020

Sports Desk

Welcome to the Sports Desk.

Here you will find out about the different PE lessons and other sporting opportunities the children are having each half term. In addition we will tell you about any awards children have got by participating in out of school sports.


Sports Desk news



What a whirlwind year for netball! It is official, Hollybrook won the double for the first time in their history. With a year filled with silver and bronze medals, with a dash of gold, Hollybrook came through again to add a gold to the pile of silverwear.

After winning the city netball tournament, our three netball teams (21 children altogether) participated in the highest netball league in the city, with 9 other teams. All three of our teams were put into the highest league due to how well we had done in the city tournament.

In the league, we had to play all of the top teams in the city twice, playing 16 games in total. Our B team eventually finished in 1st place, only losing 2 games and finishing on 70 points having scored 45 goals in the process - almost double the goals the 2nd place team had scored (Bitterne C of E). Springhill finished 3rd and our Hollybrook C team finished 4th on 51 points having scored 22 goals. Our other Hollybrook team finished 5th having scored 21 goals.

All three teams finished in the top 5 in the city - an amazing achievement and for the second year in a row, Hollybrook beat every school in the city through their overall positioning. Hollybrook are certainly kings and queens of netball in this city. 


Girls Football

What an amazing experience! These seven girls entered the City Girls Football Tournament on Friday 28th April, and they were superb.

The first set of games were part of a group. We had to play each team twice and the winners of the groups went through to the quarter finals.  Against Bitterne C of E in our first game, we recorded a 5-0 win (Imogen scoring a hat-trick within a few minutes). In our second game we won 3-0 against Beechwood. We then played Bitterne C of E again and won 4-0. Finally, in our last group game we thumped Beechwood 7-0. Overall, earning 12 points out of 12 in the group.

Our target at the start of the day was to win some games. This was then extended to winning our group. At this point, both objectives were complete. The girls were then sat down and told to go out there and enjoy the last stages of the tournament, and try their best to see how far they could get.

In the quarter finals they ended up playing a tough fixture against Kanes Hill. However, the girls came through and won 1-0. This meant we were through to the semi-finals - the last four!

The girls were delighted to get this far, but we set ourselves another target: to get to the final. Low and behold, we beat Shirley Warren 1-0. This meant we would at least obtain a silver medal.

In the final we played Oakwood, which ended up being a very tough match. However, after some fantastic defending the end result was 0-0. The match then went to a penalty shoot-out which we ended up losing. Overall the girls were very pleased with their performance. Scoring over 20 goals, not letting a single goal in, in any game (a clean sheet for the whole tournament) and to push Oakwood all the way to a penalty shoot-out in the final is outstanding. What made it so enjoyable as a coach is that all the girls listened to my coaching and acted on it. They all showed great team spirit, they all rotated positions and 5 of them scored goals on the day. An almost perfect performance! But ‘almost perfect’ is more than good enough. I’ve said it to all the girls, I would enjoy coaching them in a Sunday league team!  



After successfully finishing 2nd in our maiden year last year, as a school we were really keen to keep up the hockey this year and give it even more of a focus. Our year fives have benefited from an extensive hockey unit in P.E and along with year sixes, also benefited from our training sessions at lunch.

We took 23 children along to an event at Southampton Sports Centre that took place over three weeks. In our first week two teams played two games, and one team played only one. All three teams won a game, with two teams losing a game too. 

In our second week we were undefeated, with our A team winning two and drawing one, our B team drawing one and our C team winning one. 

All three teams qualified out of their groups into the quarter finals which were played in week three. In the quarter finals, our A team (year sixes) played our B team (year fives). The match went to extra time, with a golden goal format. Due to both teams being very good and competitive, the game had to be decided on penalties. Our A team lost to our B team, which meant our year fives were through to the last 4 in the city (semi-finals). Our C team (a mix of year 5 and year 6 children) played against Shirley in their quarter finals. The game was 1-1 and it also went to extra time with a golden goal format, with Shirley unfortunately beating us 2-1.

In the semi-finals our B team played Springhill and again it went to extra time. This time Springhill managed to get the golden goal to knock us out of the semi-finals. However, team B could still win a 3rd place medal.

In our 3rd place play off against Shirley (playing for a bronze medal), the score was 1-1 again after full time. We again went to extra time. This time, after a great move from Dovydas and Jacob K, Jacob K scored the golden goal to make it 2-1 to earn the team a well-deserved bronze medal.  The whole team battled throughout this game and they certainly deserved to walk away with something.

I am extremely proud of the children involved, well done! Looking good for next year!   


Year 3/4 Football

A mix of year 3 and 4 children fought in the School Games City Football tournament. After completing a few training sessions amongst a very busy sporting calendar at Hollybrook, our target was to go and win some games and have fun.

In our first game we played very well, but unfortunately lost 1-0 in the last part of the game. All the children walked off with a smile because they knew they had played well. In the second game we won 5-0 in a great display of passing football and good finishing. We then proceeded to win again in our next games and qualify out of the group – a target that we wanted to achieve after winning our first game.

In the quarter finals we played Springhill and beat them 4-2, with an amazing display of attacking football and defending in this game. The children were absolutely delighted because for the 2nd year in a row Hollybrook have made the last 4 in this year 3/4 tournament. 

The semi-finals brought a tough test. Newlands, who had a strong team this year, battled with us all game to try and claim the victory. In the last minute they scored a breakaway goal and beat us 1-0.

In the third place play off we had a repeat of the last game, with our opposition scoring a late goal. Despite not claiming a bronze medal, our children walked away very proud of what they had achieved. They finished top 4 in the city - up there with the best! Also, Zachory scored a very memorable goal with his bottom! We thought this was the winner but unfortunately not.

Overall I was very impressed by the work ethic, attitude and skill shown by all the children. Well done!