Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Sports Desk

Welcome to the Sports Desk.

Here you will find out about the different PE lessons and other sporting opportunities the children are having each half term. In addition we will tell you about any awards children have got by participating in out of school sports.

PE this half term:

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5 minute workout

As a school, every year group has committed to three or four ‘5 minute’ workouts a week. These are quick activity based sessions that will help increase health, productivity and mental wellbeing in our children. I am pleased to say that children have engaged well with this and many are keen to do more.

We have been tracking how far we’ve been running in each session, and we are aiming to run to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 metres). This half term, we have run in total as a school… 206,400 meters! So we have run up Mount Kilimanjaro approximately 35 times! Fantastic effort by all. Next time, we might need to run to Rome or to Athens etc.  

We are aiming to introduce skipping to these sessions soon, to mix things up a bit.



Last week, Hollybrook entered the school games annual city football tournament. Fo two years running we have finished in third place and have always enjoyed participating in the event. Due to the season being over at this point, we usually use this event as an opportunity to try out some new players and give children more opportunities. We took two teams, one of year 6 children and the other a mix of year 4 and 5 children.

Both teams were put into a group at the start of the day (three groups of 6 or 7 teams). After playing all their games in the group, our year 6 boys finished 2nd in the group and qualified for the quarter finals. Our other team (year 4 and 5) played fantastically too, and scored one of the goals of the season, with Freddie playing a cutting through-ball to Jacob K, who buried it in to the back of the net. Unfortunately, they didn’t qualify for the knockout stages, finishing 3rd in the group. They missed out on coming 2nd place by 1 point. However, they did continue to play in an extra group for teams who finished 3rd or below, to decide who would be the best of the rest.

After playing a few more games in this extra group, they actually got to the final and won the game through a penalty shoot-out. Great drama! So our year 4 and 5 team, that played against year 6 teams for most of the day, finished in the top 10 overall and were classed as the best of the rest after winning their additional group. Looking good for next year!

Jacob C: I enjoyed playing in a variety positions at the tournament. I really enjoyed testing my skills in goal. I was happy with being the best of the rest. I was pleased to save a penalty in a decisive game. 

Meanwhile, our year 6 team played in a quarter final against Kanes Hill. Reece W scored the best goal of recent years, a deft chip from distance over the keeper into the top corner. After this, we played in the semi-final against Wordsworth. It ended 0-0 and went to penalties - another shoot-out! Ronnie, Reece and Luke all dispatched their penalties confidently and Wordsworth missed one. This meant we made the final and were guaranteed at least a silver medal.

In the final, we were beaten by a strong St Monica team, despite putting in a good display for the majority of the game.

Our target at the start of the day was to have fun, to learn, win some games and try to progress out of the group stage. Ending up with a silver medal and our younger team being classed as the best of the rest was beyond our original target. Despite winning several trophies last year and previous years for football, the performances from both teams at this tournament were truly exceptional.

Spencer: It was challenging to play in the hot weather, was good to play other tough teams in the city and I was pleased when Reece scored the goal that took us through to the semi-finals. I also loved it when we won the penalty shoot-out that took us through to the final.

Well done all.



Having thoroughly enjoyed teaching handball in year 5 recently, I was very excited to take our children to the city handball tournament. We took a year 6 team and a year 5 team, and both teams were a mix of girls and boys.

Both teams performed fantastically well and our year 6 team won all of their group games, dominating every game: 7-0, 8-0 and 11-0 were some of the score lines.

Unfortunately, our year 5 team didn’t make it out of the group stage but again played mainly year 6 teams so great practice for next year. They all gained valuable experience and had a few positives to take away.

Our year 6 team went on and played in a ‘finals group’. (The winners of each of the three groups went through to the ‘finals group’.)  This meant we were guaranteed a third place medal.

We played Springhill in our first game and drew 3-3 with them. Lorena scored a great leveller to make it 3-3 towards the very end of the game. Springhill then beat Bitterne 5-0 in the next game. We then had our chance to play Bitterne and won 4-0. Springhill and Hollybrook both ended up on four points in this ‘finals group’.

Unfortunately, the event organisers decided that Springhill were the winners based on their score line against Bitterne in the ‘finals group’. They scored 1 more goal than us! One goal made the difference! We were still very happy to come 2nd place and to not lose a single game all day: the second silver in a week!

Lorena and Alana: It was really good fun and very competitive. We really enjoyed playing Springhill in the 3-3 game because it tested our skills and challenged us. Some of our others game were sometimes too easy. We’re proud of our performance and happy with silver.